Thursday, 7 July 2022


Kalau kecantikan yang related orang berumur mesti orang cari collagen untuk cepat sikit cantik.

Jom faham apa tu collagen supaya kita lebih bijak memilih
Collagen is actually a part of protein dan dia paling melambak dalam badan. Cumanya dia akan berkurang sikit demi sikit once umur cecah 25 dan ke atas lah.. Well I'm 28 this year, memang sesuai lah kan.
Apa kebaikan COLLAGEN?
• Kulit Sihat & Bersinar
• Kuku Kuat
• Rambut Tebal & Berkilat
• Meningkatkan Metabolisme
• Melindungi Kesihatan Kardiovaskular
• Meningkatkan Pencernaan
• Menyokong Kesihatan Sendi
• Mengandungi amino acids
• Membantu mendapat kulit yang flawless cantik secara dalam dan luar

Collagen ni adalah perisa campuran pear, pineaple dan peach...

So macam mana nak pilih collagen ni?.
1) Collagen yang ada Peptides
Collagen harus mengandungi 3 polypeptide chains untuk dia berfungsi dengan baik. Setiap peptide tu ada function dia untuk fibroblast skin, joint cartilage, osteoblast in bones. Kalau collagen tak comes w peptides JANGAN BELI! MEMBAZIR DUIT JA. BAIK MAKAN KAKI AYAM SANA.
2) Sumber peptides
Peptides ni selalu banyak dekat haiwan tapi in plants pun ada. Kita boleh ambik dri soy. Jadi boleh cari group peptide dari Marine fish sebab nk bagi naik kan HA synthesis dlm kulit manusia. Boleh pilih soy tapi yang non GMO. Boleh tingkatkan type I collagen dlm badan dan antioxidants
3) Technology
Ambik laa technology yang bagus so that senang collagen serap dalam badan bukan terbuang macam tu. contoh, ambik Bio Enzymatic Hydrolysis Technology. Ni yang the best technology untuk protein hydrolisis sekarang.

So, after I research what's the best collagen peptide, memang I jumpa Collagen Peptide Nutrilite ni.
Sebab, dia takda pewarna, perisa tambahan dan bahan pengawet. Kira memang selamat kalau nak consume. And yang R&D pon adalah saintis2 yang diiktiraf, bukannya kilang timbang kilo or OEM.

If you guys nak try out, I got it from here I want a flawless skin too !!!!!

Tuesday, 1 March 2022

Baby positive Covid : What you should do? Based on my experience

 Assalamu'alaikum w.b.t.

19 February 2022, setelah sekian lama kebal dengan si kobid ni, akhirnya dia serang orang terdekat dengan kita. My adik ipar was tested positive malam tu. and of course close contact with my 8 month old baby. Faham tak my feeling at that particular moment? Menangis tak berhenti ya.

Fast forward to two days later, yup, there's a symptom of fever on my son. Suhu dah start naik, makan pon takmau dah, and berak pon tidak seharian tu ya. Symptoms started to appear on 12.30am on 21st Feb, siang dalam pukul 3 kami bawak pegi Poliklinik Dr Azhar untuk swab test. After 30 minutes of waiting, result was out and I was super shocked yang my baby positive. I mean, he's still a baby why him? 

Ahh but we have no choice, I pon dah start rasa paranoid. We monitor his health with temperature and oxymeter. Malam tu, degupan jantung dia showed 159 which was super tak normal.

Terus call CPRC, asking them for advice and they suggested us to bring our baby to emergency and we did. 

Oh by the way, my husband and I were tested negative. But because of our son, kami tawakkal ja bawak dia ke tempat covid. Macam serah diri kepada covid gituu. 

After attended by the doctor, memang my baby kena warded. So we've been admitted to PAEDS and rupanya ramai lagi babiessss yang positive. 

Thank God after 3 days admitted kami dah boleh discharge. So we continue quarantine under home surveillance.

Here's what you need and have to do kalau your baby tested positive:

1. Thermometer - always check your baby's temperature okay. Kalau terlampau tinggi, boleh tarik/sawan

 2. Paracetamol syrup and ubat punggung - please get advised from medical practitioner berapa dose and berapa banyak kena ambil. 

But basically, for my baby, hanya 150mg dose untuk ubat punggung tu. Dan kena jarak lebih kurang 4 jam selepas bagi PCM Syrup. Boleh beli dekat farmasi jugak.

3.  Cool Fever. Atau consistently jerlum your baby with AIR SUAM. We use both sebab my baby tak suka sangat jerlum so kena pakaikan dia Cool Fever so suhu dia turun sikit. Tapi doktor also suggest untuk kita selalu jerlum baby. Cool fever tu I tampal dekat bahagian belakang baby.

4. JANGAN PAKAIKAN BABY BAJU ATAU SELIMUT. So parent mungkin ingat kena selimutkan baby takut baby sejuk and so on but no, kalau baby, kita kena biarkan dia dengan pampers saja. Tak boleh perangkap haba dalam badan si cilik okay. Masa dalam wad, mostly kids semua tak pakai baju. 

5. Oxymeter. Ini untuk pantau oxygen and kadar degupan jantung baby.

Paras oxygen normal 95% dan ke atas

Kadar degupan jantung normal 50 dan 90.

I think that is all for now. Terus paranoid nak bagi dekat dengan sapa pon anak kita sbb at the end of the day yang kena jaga anak kita tu adalah kita, their parents, bukan orang yang bagi anak kita sakit tu. It wasn't really a nice experience masa kt hospital. My baby wanted to be hold for 24 hoursssss. And my health started to decline also. So I got emotional and tired easily. 

Anyway, I harap our baby akan sembuh and no side effect from this covid thingy. And if you're reading my blog because your baby kena covid, I hope you will get through this! We are strong for our babies. 

Next I nak share tentang supplement yang I makan yang lindung I dari covid ni. You guys nak tahu tak? 

Friday, 16 August 2019

3 Reasons Why Vitamin C is not Effective on You

Assalamu’alaikum and Great Day everyone.

It has been sometimes since I last wrote here. What triggered me to write is because since I’m residing in Penang, I fall sick quite often. Is it this place or is it me? Back in 2012 until 2018, I stayed in Gombak and Shah Alam but falling sick wasn’t my thing. I wonder why and what has been affecting my health and how to overcome it. This leads to the reasons why Vitamin C isn’t effective on me. For your information, last December, I bought a supplement with intention that I want to improve my skin complexity. I’m not flawless, obviously, and want to be one. Yet, one of Vit C’s benefits is that it is good for your health. But again, instead of getting a flawless skin and get healthier, why it turns out the other way around?

First, because I’m addicted to caffeine. Caffeine and any kind of supplement will never go well together. They’re like rival! Haha yes, I’m exaggerating. But truth to be told, if you want your money do not go to waste (coz supplement is expensive liddat), you better take care of this thing. I’ve stopped consuming Vit C about two months already since I didn’t see its effectiveness. But I might resume since I’ve known whys.

Second, because I did not consume enough plain water. As simple as that but with a huge impact. People have been saying we should drink 3L water but it isn’t for everybody actually. We should drink according to our body weight and as for me 2.5L should be sufficient. You should figure out yours. On weekdays, is not a big deal for me as I work in the office but on weekend, ugh 2 cups of water aren’t easy I tell you.

Third, because my intestine is spearheaded with the toxins. I’ve heard this a lot. I went to a pharmacy and the pharmacist said that, whatever you consume, it won’t bring any good if my intestine hasn’t been detoxified. Its true you see. I don’t care about my calorie intake or whatever since I live here. I barely exercise. I no longer eat fruits. I eat outside. And the list goes on. The key point to it is that I do not practice healthy lifestyle and it affects so many aspects of my life.

I know there’s more reasons to it but these three things are my focus right now. I’ve gotta fix this to regain my health back. I’ve been overworked and not taking care of my health seriously. Since Allah has been sending me hints, I better take action now.

So, to end my entry, I want to share with you my favorite quote for now by John C. Maxwell,