Saturday, 8 February 2014

Time to change !

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu'alaikum w.b.t.

Lately, I just post something that related to give away right?
yeah, I just notice it, but I hope it doesn't matter.. hehe

*angau apa asyik tulis dalam BI ni?

Okay, first of all, I already in IIUM Gombak, for some people, what's wrong? just be yourself like before.
But, time is passing! I think this is the suitable time that I SHOULD change! What does I mean by changing?
Everything ! My lifestyle, my attitude, my way of thinking, and the important thing is that I should learn to write this blog in english.

Why suddenly? Actually, I've suffered low self-confident. I am afraid if I talk in english, and there is nobody understand me. This afternoon, during briefing, my academic adviser advised us to start talking in english from now! As BENL(bachelor in English Language), it will be a shame if study for 4 years but our English is broken ! Ahh ~~ people always think that English is easy, but when you start to learn it more deeply, you will know the 'real easy' is..haha 

From now on, even my english not so powerful as my fellow friends, I don't care! I'll keep trying my best! I want to go out from my comfort zone which is talking, writing all in my mother tongue. 

#Do support me yeah friends!
#Even I am not so good in english, I'll try my best.
#Dan maafkan kalau ad salah dan silap, sy juga manusia biasa, yg menuntut ilmu kerana Allah ^__^ 
#Do correct me if I'm wrong as long as your advise are not harsh.ok.

Pen off. Wassalam (:


athiqi ariff said...

its ok dear,no harm in trying...first of all try to be friend with those who are open minded and fluent in english..mostly african students whose studying there..wish u best of luck..

Cik Aza said...

hihi thanks a million coz supporting me :) yeahh there are many african students shaa Allah i'll take the opportunity to be fren with some of them.. ^_^

Unknown said...

go go my dear! lets strive for the excellent :D

Nur Aliyah Syofia said...

Salam pemilik blog, jom join GA ni

hadiahnye kupon RM50 tau^^ btw done follow u :-)