Saturday, 8 August 2015

Non-photogenic People

Assalamu'alaikum people!

It has been quite a long time since I updated my last entry.

I wish that uoll are doing great :D

Harini, nak cerita sikit pasal NON-PHOTOGENIC people.

As we know, photogenic is people who look attractive and appealing in a photograph(and real life).
They tend to look good in photographs basically.

Bak kata kita, mereka2 yg photogenic ni 'shine bright like a diamond' bila dalam gambar.
Ada je orang yang photogenic tapi in real life macam biasa je.
Especially sekarang kan, there are many apps yg boleh buat someone looks brighter than ever!

Okay, leave that behind.

Yang saya nak cakap sekarang ni tentang non-photogenic people.
I can't find the exact terms untuk mereka-mereka ni.

The question is, apakaah mereka ini 'unattractive' dalam gambar juga in real life?

The answer is, OF COURSE not!

Honestly, I've seen many (mostly guys) yg dalam gambar tak hensem mana tapi in real life, ohh category not-bad laaaaa... hikss

I'm not being gedikss here okay, cumanya nak curahkan pendapat je. And membela nasib mereka yang tak photogenic! haha

Besides, many male actors yg tak photogenic sangat(for me la).

Bila sy tengok dorang berlakon, wahhhh! Jatuh cinta!
Tapi bila search image, hmmm kureng sikitttt..

I know and I'm sure ramai yg mengalami situasi yg sama macam sy especially bila baru lepas nonton movie! haha

For example, Lee Min Ho *_* haha

* dia memang hensem, tetapi kalau tengok dia berlakon lagi cair :P

Next: Channing Tatum

* tengok, dalam gambar bukan senyum sangat :<

Next: Daniel Henney
* The main character of Seducing Mr. Perfect

And ramai lagi men out there yg tak photogenic, one of them is someone who used to be my priority! haha and my friends. 

Seriously guys, we can't really judge people by their photo.

Ada yang cantik dalam dan luar gambar.
Ada yang tak cantik dalam gambar tapi superb luar gambar.
Ada yang buruk dalam dan luar gambar. *eh aku la tu :P

So accept the differences,
not everyone being born pretty and smart externally,
but everyone can be fabulous internally. 

So, what's your opinion?
Agree or disagree?

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