Thursday, 3 November 2016

5 Ways to Boost Your Reading Mood

Assalamu'alaikum and good afternoon everyone.
Few days ago, I accidentally bumped into a beneficial article and it gives me some kind of mood which encourage me to read. Thus, I decided to share it here.
This article was written by Nuranne and published at ZALORA Website.
Hope you guys get some benefits from your reading :)

5 Ways to Boost Your Reading Mood

Our enthusiasm of reading books could be depleted by many reasons for instance workload, time limitation, dull choice of books and it may be as petty as the book is not within our hand reach. Hence, the decision to do it later will never be done. What usually done by us during our free time is the typical games application, lurking into Instagram feed and watching strange videos in Youtube.
There are so many good books waiting to be read. Here some ideas on how you can boost your reading mood.
1.       Set a Time

To set an exact timetable for your own personal reading session will be too unrealistic. Even our weekend is filled with house chores, assignments, extra hours of sleep, movie marathon and sadly reading is seldom on top of our to-do list. What you can do is to set a time period to finish a book. A fiction in three weeks to two months. Don’t make it too long as you tend to forget the story line. A chapter of non-fiction before going to bed or every weekend. 

2.       Buy to read

Before you read the books, buying is crucial. Avoid purchasing bundle of books just because you are planning to start reading. Buy them because you want to read those particular books. Be picky on what to purchase. Do some research. Read reviews, critics and even some spoilers. Above and beyond, you might be keen on reading it more because of the feedback. Do not be blinded by the blockbuster prices, sales and others’ preference. Get to know the books initially, then only you proceed with buying. You shouldn’t be eager to buy, you should be eager to read.

3.       Thin or Best Seller Book

Reading matters. However reading a good book is essential. Indulging yourself in a boring, monotonous book could be wasting time and will turn you off. What you can do is to pick a thin book first. It will be handy. Best seller books are a good option too. There are solid reasons why those books were best-selling in the first place. Famous author, unique, good and fresh plot or realistic. After finishing the book you might hop in the boat with the good reviews or not. Whatever the outcome, it started because of your intention to read that story.

4.       Reading for Pleasure

To make it a habit, you need to like reading. There is no shortcut or magic potion to indulge reading other than falling in love with it first. Once you realized what reading brings on the table and decided to make it regular in your lifestyle then only you accept the idea of reading continuously. Reading can be tiring and burdensome. Language can be a great barrier. Somehow the idea of reading to survive all the homework and test embedded in our life. You need to look at reading as an exciting idea to be included in your daily life or to be fed into your soul.

5.       Surround Yourself with the Idea of Reading

Read some books reviews. Watch book adaptation movies. If you surround yourself with negativity, no matter how strong you try to resist, it will have its way budging into your life. Negative discussion is draining. Thus, the best is to avoid those circumstances. There are many ways to nurture your reading habit. Start following authors or book lovers in your social media. Have a zen moment in public library or bookstore. Buy books when travelling.

Life is too precious to not read books. Start now.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Wordless Wednesday

Duduk diam, muka mcm pikiaq masalah besaq, mcm terasa hati pon adaa, padahal kepala otak asyik pikiaq nak makan apa jaaaa. LOl. 

Time tgah perut tong gajah, beratur2 list makanan dlm kepala. 

Tapi kalau tengah lost appetite, perut lapaq tp taktau nak makan apaa. Semua tak kenaaaa.. haa kontra betul tp tulah salah satu upside down kehidupan...